The Great Story of my Life

I started to publish my life in social media in 2016 with the idea of sharing my lifestyle, my modeling jobs and everything that inspires me.

My name is Carolina, I am from Madrid, Spain and I am currently living in Copenhagen, Denmark. I studied high school in Waterford, Ireland in 2005 and after graduating I decided to travel to Asia with my father for business where I got my first job as a model for a Nepali magazine.

In January 2011 I moved to Vancouver, Canada to progress with my studies and professional career. I studied English in one of the most prestigious Universities, UBC (University of British Columbia). Since then life started to change and brought new opportunities to tryout and fulfill oneself in different directions.


In one of my flights from Vancouver to Madrid, I realized I wanted to become a Flight Attendant. The fact of traveling around the world, having a dynamic job and meeting new people everyday was something that fascinated me. I gave up my life in Vancouver shortly. In 2014 I cemented my international resume when I became a Flight Attendant in a European airline for the next six years.

I always knew Aviation was going to be a period in my life. It gave me the experience and ability to work with customers and colleagues from different countries and backgrounds which has helped me to learn and respect other cultures and religions.

I quit my job in Aviation in early 2020. Currently I am working in my company PureHeart Energy as the Marketing Communication Manager to build an innovative marketing strategy and concept which includes Public Relations, Future Trends, Research of the Organic Global Market, Web – and Social Media. In June 2020 I agreed with my partners to become the face of the brand.

This site would have never been possible if it wasn’t for the help of Bill, my partner in life.

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