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Who Am I?

My name is Carolina and I’m from Madrid, Spain. I’m a very positive and open-minded person and I put my energy into positive things. I’m driven by curiosity and self-development and do things that feel good to me, like working out; it’s important that my life and body is in balanced.

I’m bighearted, humble, genuine, curious, silly, relaxed, down to earth and a private person. I’m a hardworking and ambitious woman with a strong personality and when I really want something, I go for it! I’m an extroverted introvert, who gets energy from people and new experiences, but finds myself needing to retreat every so often to recharge.

I studied high school in Waterford, Ireland in 2005 and after graduating I traveled to Asia with my father where I got my first job as a model for a Nepali magazine. In January 2011 I moved to Vancouver, Canada to progress with my studies and professional career. I studied English in one of the most prestigious Universities in Canada: UBC - University of British Columbia.


I gave up my life in Vancouver couple of years after to return to Spain. In 2014 I cemented my international resume when I became a Flight Attendant for the next six years. I knew aviation was a period, it gave me the experience and ability to work with customers and colleagues from different countries and backgrounds which has helped me to learn and respect other cultures and religions. It also helped me to developed a strong willpower and a lot of patience, I see this as one of my strongest skills that I can use outside of my work life, too.

I left my job in Aviation in early 2020 to move with my partner to Copenhagen, Denmark where I started working as a freelance web designer. In early 2022 my partner and I decided to leave Denmark behind and move to Mauritius for business. Currently I'm studying a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Communication and working in our company, PureHeart Energy as the Marketing and Communication Manager. I'm also active as a model and influencer through my Social Medias.

This site would have never been possible if it wasn’t for the help of Bill, my partner in life.

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