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Grey and black is always on style! It’s one of my favorite dresses out of all the collection that Charo Azcona has. The shape and design of this dress it’s incredibly beautiful. It has that casual vibe but at the same time very elegant. To inspire you on what to wear for a cocktail dinner, this champagne colored dress will make a crush on everyone. It’s also perfect to use it in special occasions like New Years Eve. To dress out is special for any woman. The white dress with black dots it’s a good choice to wear on special events and dinners. It’s very glamorous and has a very flirty touch.

The multi colorful dress is not only for special occasions and evenings, this beautiful dress for daytime, is easily becoming one of my favorite ones for Spring season. The ease of wear makes it all the more appealing. The selection of Charo Azcona dresses is overflowing with style in all types of fabrics, shapes and fine details.

Flaunt your attitude with Green Leather dress. It gives you an extraordinary silhouette. This model feels very versatile as it can be worn from day to night. This pistachio yellow dress has a color that suits my color very good. Their shoulder pads gives a beautiful silhouette and at the same time for me, a very classy touch. White shirt and blue sequin skirt set. A stunning elegant outfit for special evenings. I love turtleneck shirts!

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