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PIN UP Makeup Look. It’s an all time classic. When a woman wears red color lipstick means passion, seduction and elegance. I don’t use red lipstick very often, only in very special occasions. It’s very important to have a red lip pencil in addition to your red lipstick for a better contour and volume.

Lipstick by Lancôme

Mascara by Lancôme

Lip Pencil by Givenchy

Foundation by Lancôme

Few months ago I got invited to a makeup session for Lancôme. It was a fantastic experience and I loved the final look. This kind of look is very classy from the 80s. The colors they used were extremely beautiful and they matched with my skin color. It’s always a pleasure to use their products!

Makeup by Lancôme

I made this makeup myself, it’s one of my favorite and I use it frequently. I love opting for the classic rose lipstick and cat eyes look. I always use lip pencils, in this case I used dark rose mixed with brown color.

Lipstick by Clinic

Eyeliner by Lancôme

Mascara by Lancôme

Lip Pencil by Givenchy

Bronzing powder by Tarte/Sephora

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