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Surrounded by exotic swaying palms, sun, pristine beaches and wild nature. I first wore this exotic bikini by Banahot during my vacation in Mauritius last month. When I found it, I was obsessed! This simple bikini is fresh and has modern details.

Bikini by Bananhot

An alternative – I decided to combine this Zara black swimwear with a blue and white check shirt during my photo shooting in Mauritius as it gave me an exotic look. Swimwear are the one piece I find an excuse to use at any time of the year!

Swimwear by Zara

I always found red color SEXY! I enjoy wearing retro-style swimwear, in this occasion was during a sunrise in Cancun. This red swimsuit is equal parts flirty, feminine and makes any tan look 10x better.

I feel very attracted to alive colors in summer season. I’m wearing retro style swimwear inspired on the 70s revival look! I decided to combine it with a yellow/ orange beach pareo during a sunset in Las Palmas de Gran Canarias.

This Dark Green swimwear from Calzedonia has a soft body effect. This piece gives you elegance effortless and a beautiful silhouette. I first wore it during my vacation in Palm Springs.

Swimwear by Calzedonia

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